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Every Little Holiday Series

Give Me Liberty

Love Always Deserves A Second Chance 

Or so that was what Liberty thought until Luke ran away from their small town thirteen years ago and never looked back. Now she’s made something of herself. She’s a proud, hardworking businesswoman, moments away from fulfilling her dreams. 

Aside from a questionable relationship, Liberty’s life couldn’t be more perfect. 

Until the past comes riding back in and Luke Murphy returns. 

Now, everything she thought she wanted is in question. A successful business doesn’t feel like enough, and she finds herself wondering if what she thought she lost can still be rekindled. 

Can she let go of the past and rebuild that special something with the man who always held a place in her heart; or have the years driven them too far apart and changed them too much to be what they once were?

Fooling April Joye

If April can’t let go of the past, she will never find her future. 

A graveside promise and a dissolved engagement sent artist April far away from the small town life she led in Montana. In her mind, there is no going back. She’ll never live life small again. 

Then she meets Zack Stanfield – a striking young man with secrets of his own. His truth could send April running back to her quiet home tucked in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. 

If she really left her old life behind, why is it the first place April things of running to? How far is Zack willing to go to hold on to the woman he desires most? 

Fooling April Joye is a clean romance about letting go, moving forward, and finding love when you least expect it. It is the debut novel in a new series by Molly McLaughlin that will renew your faith in the hearts of people. 

Available on Kindle, Amazon, and Kindle Unlimited.