Romance Novels at your Fingertips

I have read romance since early on in my teenage years, my first ever book snagged up a local garage sale held by my friend’s grandmother. I burnt through that book at breakneck speeds and was soon back to her house to ask if she had another. One by one I read her entire collection. Fell in love with historical romance novels with the swooning covers of barrel-chested men and women with hair that had more character than they did themselves. I believe one of the first from that pile of books was the great and wonderful Connie Mason .

I was quick to get my best friend hooked shortly after. She and I shared a flurry of book swaps filled with Vikings, Knights, Dukes, and Lords. I don’t know that we spent very many days actually in school. Sure, we were there, but our minds were off on a pirate ship with some handsome rogue or in the Sheik’s palace in the desert.

Now I’ll be giving away my age by saying it but those romance-novel filled high school days were near to twenty-years ago. In truth when I wasn’t reading a romance my nose was without a doubt stuck in a different book. I loved them all – Dragonlance novels being a particular favorite, true history novels; like stories told by veterans of Vietnam or World War II. Twenty years of reading romance and other books, and I write this now to admit to the world that I never, in all that time, managed to read one of the very pillars of romance.

Pride and Prejudice. Somehow, between the Tunnels of Cu Chi in Vietnam and vast nothingness of the Yukon Territories in Call of the Wild, I just never got around to Jane Austen. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t much of a girly-girl back then. I was just as likely to be found mucking an animal stall or climbing through the creek as I was to be wandering old creepy abandoned buildings in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Or, maybe it’s simply a matter of mental aptitude to appreciate the way she wrote. Much like Watership Down, an amazing read that puts many animal point-of-view books to shame, which I didn’t manage to successfully read until only a handful of years ago.

So yes, I’m – Pushing Forty and I am a romance author with a library of books filled with anything from hot paranormal romance to historical romance retellings who has never read the book that could arguably have started the very genre. With this, I decided I best get that book cracked and make up for this injustice. My life has lead me in a direction, through all the ups and downs, twists and turns, the endless battering of emotions I don’t care to analyze or acknowledge, that I am not only keen to losing myself in a good book, but I want to read the classics and pay my regards to their authors by taking the time to enjoy the yarn they have spun.

I am very interested to see where my people came from, romance authors-that is. The alpha males and slow-burning romances are my favorite. I think I will be getting very much of that in this book.

After my hiatus from Red Fork, and my Every Little Holiday Series I will be diving back into Haunted Eve. I’m just trying to decide right now if I can go slightly scary with it and add a ghost. It is a Halloween novel, after all. Decisions, decisions, feel free to share your opinions.

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