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After three months of hard work, Give Me Liberty is finally live on Amazon, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited. I am really excited about this release. Not just because I adore seeing reviews, hitting that publish button on Amazon, and sharing my work with you all, but because I really enjoyed writing this story. Give Me Liberty is Book 2 in my Every Little Holiday Series. A series I set up to showcase the other holidays, ones that don’t necessarily scream ‘romantic.’ I’m talking Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day and other holidays like this. Give Me Liberty is my 4th of July novel, so you can be sure to see lots of fireworks inside, not only in the sky but between my main characters – Liberty and Luke. I thought her name was a good fit, considering the season, and Luke got his name in honor of Luke Perry. Luke Perry passed away the week I really cracked into this novel, and being a 90210 girl back in my day, I wanted to pay tribute to him in some fashion. Needless to say, the fan-girl in me is still heartbroken over his passing. I hope you enjoy this book; and if you do, please leave me a review on Amazon so I can read your thoughts. Thank you all for your support. There’s lots more coming in the future, I hope you still around for the ride.

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